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Plasticity Brain Centers offers non-invasive neuro rehabilitation based on a single scientific principle: the brain is capable of learning and changing throughout a patient’s entire life.

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Why Choose Us?

Accurate Diagnosis & Collaborative Care

Our neuroscience specialists and board-certified experts provide a revolutionary, research-based approach to neurological rehabilitation. Our work is based on a single scientific concept known as “neuroplasticity,” which is the scientifically-proven understanding that the brain is capable of learning, changing, and improving with significant potential for growth.

Our neuroscience expert clinicians and therapists utilize an intensive treatment approach, typically seeing patients 3 times per day, for 5 days. This model is combined with proprietary diagnostic technology and profoundly effective neurological exercises. These form a rehabilitation program that improves neurological function, quality of life, and mental performance enhancement in as little as five days.

We facilitate significant neurological improvement through a three-tiered methodology employing:


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Collaborative Continued Care

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Breakthrough Therapies

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Improve Brain Function & Performance with the Plasticity Brain Center Approach

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Meet Our Clinical Directors

We are a tertiary care provider with experience in cases of neurological injuries and degenerative conditions. That means your doctor can refer you to our clinic for the next level of care. Our clinicians are seasoned functional neurologists, trained and mentored personally by the leading specialist in the field, Dr. Ted Carrick. They are considered some of the most experienced doctors in treating brain injuries and neurodegenerative conditions, with hundreds of cases treated.

Dr. Matthew Antonucci

dc, dacnb, facfn, ficc

While studying for his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Life University, Dr. Antonucci became fascinated with the nervous system, particularly the brain, of humankind. He began taking extra-curricular neurology classes to understand the brain and nervous system better, and became enthralled with the study of neurology. ...

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