Functional neurology is changing thousands of lives, around the globe, each and every day. However, while individuals helping individuals CAN make a difference, power is in numbers — or collaboration. The Plasticity NeuroNetwork™ was established to advance the science, practice, and awareness of functional neurology, and provide a “closed-loop” model of care for patients.

Neuronetworktm highlights:

Closed Loop Collaboration
Patient Referrals & Consulting
Marketing Materials
Clinical Tools
Product Discounting/Group Purchases
Research Opportunities

No cost. no restrictions.

Currently the Plasticity NeuroNetwork™:

  • Consists of 147 Functional Neurologists from around the world
  • Has received 212 patient referrals from Plasticity Brain Centers to date
  • Has a 92% participation rate

Join Our Network!

We are pleased to invite you to join our NeuroNetwork. There is absolutely NO cost to join, or take part in the Network. We just ask that you actively participate in our collective goal. For more information on the benefits, please complete the form below, and we will send you the terms and conditions of our NeuroNetwork.

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