What Can You Expect From Plasticity Brain Centers?

From our first interaction, we hope that you realize that we are here for you. We've taken feedback from thousands of patients like you, and have tried to think of everything before you have to. Every step of our ever-evolving process is intended to be educational, hospitable, and move you one step closer to achieving your health goals.

We realize that meeting new people, in a new city, at a new facility, with a neurological challenge can be very difficult. That's why our front-office staff has been trained to introduce you to our doctors, and guide you through our facility and process. They can answer all types of questions about the clinic, the therapies, the equipment, the area around the clinic, where to eat, what to do, and more. So make sure you take advantage of all they have to offer!

Our professional, compassionate, and enthusiastic team of board-certified neurology experts provide effective clinical care in a warm, comfortable environment. Every patient is assigned to 2 doctors: an attending lead-doctor, and a treating clinician. The role of the lead doctor is to assimilate your past medical history with your examination and diagnostic findings to create your customized therapy plan. Working together with your lead doctor, your treating clinician will implement all of the therapies, ensuring that they are performed correctly, observing your second-to-second response to the therapy, and modifying them so that you receive the maximal benefit from your time with us. We are proud to give every patient as much time with the clinical team as they need.

None of the therapies that our doctors perform are invasive (no breaking the skin), or painful. We also try to minimize all other types of discomfort, when possible. The doctors are constantly monitoring your neurological function and comfort level to ensure that you have the best experience. We are a tertiary care center, with a particular expertise in treating brain impairment or traumatic injuries that have not responded to standard care. Our team is prepared to take on the most challenging cases from around the world and collaborate with your local doctors to provide the most effective care possible.

Expect The Following From The Plasticity Brain Centers Plasticity™ Program:

  • One All-Inclusive Price: We have only one price. There are no hidden costs, expensive procedures, or unexpected costly tests. Everything in the facility is included in our daily fee. In order to keep our fees reasonable, we do not participate in insurance billing.
  • Maximized Outcomes, Quick: An immersive 5-day, 15-session week continues to be the most effective way to achieve results, fast.
  • Great Location: Located in sunny Orlando, our clinic is in walking distance from 3 branded-hotels, and a short car ride from dozens of restaurants, so you can focus on solely on getting well.
  • Concierge Service: We have agents that will plan your travel, transportation, accommodations, and even recreational activities — at no additional cost!

Our Outcomes

Success is been defined as the accomplishment of an aim, goal, or purpose So, goal-setting is a very important part of your outcome. Each patient spends as much time as needed with their clinical team to define what success looks like for them and if is realistic. Because of our goal-setting practices, we have helped 100% of our patient's attained their goals by the end of our 5-day Plasticity™ Program.

Most of our patients define success by a reduction of symptoms. In a retrospective data analysis of our past 400 patients who have tried multiple other therapy programs, and their pre-treatment and post-treatment symptoms, the Plasticity™ Program has been able to reduce symptoms by an average of 50.6% in only 5 days.

Sometimes outcomes are difficult to measure. Some of our patients cannot speak or communicate due to their conditions or have rare genetic neurological conditions in which effective tools to measure outcomes do not exist. However, these patients, their parents/caregivers, families, and other care providers/therapist can observe changes in alertness, muscle tone, eye-tracking, communication, and more.

The most important outcome to us and our patients is some improvement in the quality of life.

A Typical Stay at Plasticity Brain Centers

A typical stay at Plasticity Brain Centers lasts 5 days. During this time, you will attend three appointments each around 45 - 60 minutes in length, with the exception of your first and last diagnostic session which takes approximately 75-90 minutes. All remaining sessions may include diagnostic testing, therapies, or consultations with your team.

Day 1 -- Discovery Day: Your first day is a diagnosticly intensive day. You will undergo approximately 3 hours of diagnostic testing and clinical examinations so that our team may fully understand your neurological challenge.

Day 2 -- Intensive Treatment Day: Once your treatment plan has been established, it's time to get to work. On Day 2 you will complete approximately 3 hours of intensive neurological rehabilitation, all with one goal in sight; to see if you will respond to our plan. If you are in the less than 1% of our patients that do not respond, our clinical team will have no other choice but to discharge you from care. We want to help you, not lead you on with false hope.

Day 3 -- The Critical Day: The third day of the Plasticity™ Program is the most important day of the week. This is the day we will spot-check some of your diagnostic testing that was performed on Day 1, and the lead doctor will re-evaluate your progress. Some people wonder if there could possibly be progress after one day, but we know their SHOULD be. If we do not see an improvement in subjective (what you feel) and objective (what we can measure) signs, we will discuss alternative treatments for you elsewhere. Less than 1% of all our past patients have fallen into this category. After we have established that our plan is working, we may modify the plan to make sure you achieve optimal outcomes, then it's back to work. You have 2 more treatments on Day 3.

Day 4 -- Intensive Treatment Day: Day 4 can be a more difficult day for some patients. A moderate percentage of patients feel more tired from the schedule and all of the therapies. Your treating doctor will be able to observe this and adjust your treatments accordingly. But you will have three 1-hour sessions on Day 4 as well.

Day 5 -- Discharge Day: Day 5 is our staff's favorite day. It's the day that we all realize how much improvement you have made during the week. Day 5 mirrors Day 1, and we perform all of the diagnostic tests, as well as the physical examination to document your changes, and identify where you might need more work. This is how we are able to create your at-home treatment plan, also how we are able to collaborate with your other care-providers.

Historically, after Day 5, 81% of our patients never see us again at the clinic. We help them though their home program and ultimately they are able to return back to the life they desire. Less than 20% of our patients need to see us again. These are usually patients that have complex/severe conditions, neuro-degenerative conditions, semi/permanent conditions. Some patients may need 1-3 more days if they are progressing well, but haven't reached their goals, and we accommodate that as best as we are able. Some patients achieve their optimal outcome before the five days are complete, and able to go home early.

Whatever your needs, our center has the resources and expertise to provide effective treatment and significant outcomes.

Restore your brain's function and performance—contact Plasticity Brain Centers today.