What to Expect from Plasticity Brain Centers?

At our neuro-rehabilitation center, our board certified neuroscience experts provide effective clinical care in a warm, comfortable environment. We are a tertiary care center, with a particular expertise in treating brain impairment or traumatic injuries that have not responded to standard care. Our team is prepared to take on the most challenging cases from around the world, and collaborate with your local doctors to provide the most effective care possible.

The Plasticity Brain Centers experience includes the following advantages:

  • Upfront Costs – Our flat fee covers all of our services, with no additional hidden costs. We do not participate in insurance billing. However, depending on the health insurance plan that you have selected, your treatment may be reimbursed by your insurance provider.
  • Concierge Service – We plan your travel, transportation, accommodation, and even recreational activities so you can fully focus on your treatment—at no additional cost!
  • Potential Local Options – Most patients travel to our center, but our doctors have also traveled around the world to provide treatment to patients who could not come to us. Additionally, 50 specially-trained doctors across North America are affiliated with us through the Plasticity NeuroNetwork, so you may have effective treatment alternatives available to you in your area.

Our Clinical Approach

We ensure your comfort during your visit. Our team of neuroscience expert and therapists employ a personalized clinical approach to your care. Our intensive brain-training program includes a thorough diagnostic testing process to discover all of your neurological function impairments. After completing the diagnostic process, we apply therapies that target your neurological obstacles with precision and effectiveness.

Our neuroscience experts utilize brain-training therapies based on the scientifically proven principle of neuroplasticity. This principle is that the brain is capable of growing, changing, and rebuilding itself with the proper stimuli. Our therapy provides the stimuli that facilitates the rebuilding and enhancement of neural pathways, improving your performance in measurable and noticeable ways.

Upon completion of your therapy with us, we provide you with simple, at-home neurological exercises you can complete on your own, typically under the supervision of your primary care doctor. These profoundly-effective neurological exercises are designed to enhance your long-term growth, allowing you to achieve your mental health goals for as long as you live.

The Typical Stay at Plasticity Brain Centers

A typical stay at Plasticity Brain Centers lasts 5 days. During this time, you will receive three interventions each day lasting around 45 - 60 minutes each, which may include diagnostic tests or therapies. Over 80% of our patients see meaningful progress and performance-enhancement within a few days. Some patients need more time, and we accommodate that. Some patients achieve their optimal outcome before the five days are complete, and able to go home early. Whatever your needs, our center has the resources and expertise to provide effective treatment and significant outcomes.

Restore your brain's function and performance—contact Plasticity Brain Centers today.