When Patients Need More

Innovative Therapies and Cutting-Edge Technologies

When you have exhausted traditional options and yet still wish that further improvement could be achieved, you can turn to Plasticity Brain Centers. Our typical patient has tried everything traditional care has to offer, but is unwilling to settle for a less than optimal outcome. Our staff has been working with patients with neurological issues for decades. Each member of our team has worked with thousands of individuals who suffered brain injuries, struggled with neurological diseases, or faced developmental obstacles.

Our collective experience has allowed us to significantly improve our patients’ quality of life through advanced diagnostic technology and testing, combined with precise therapies that develop and optimize neurological performance at an accelerated rate.

Patients can expect the following from Plasticity Brain Centers:

  • Measurable progress
  • Individualized treatment
  • Accelerated improvement
  • Intensive, purposeful therapy
  • Upfront cost with no hidden fees
  • Collaborative, compassionate approach

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What are the Advantages of Our Treatment?

Our breakthrough therapies and leading-edge diagnostic technology is founded on the idea of “neuroplasticity.” Neuroplasticity is a scientific concept backed by years of research that asserts a single fact: the brain is nearly always capable of improvement, growth, and adaptation when exposed to the right neurological exercises. Our comprehensive and sophisticated approach allows us to measure your brain’s functional state, locate specific impairments, and direct neurological exercises tAo restructure your brain’s neural pathways.

Our innovative, research-based form of rehabilitation offers the following advantages:

  • Non-invasive and drug-free
  • Comfortable, simple, and effective
  • Rewires the brain at an accelerated rate
  • Targeted for precise areas of the brain for significant results
  • Individualized for your specific needs and goals
  • Measurable, quantifiable, and objectively improvable
  • At-home and collaborative therapies for long-term growth

Who Our Treatment Has Helped

We’ve worked with mothers and fathers of teens who have suffered concussions from accidents and sports. After trying all that traditional care had to offer, they remained unwilling to settle for a less than optimal outcome. They remained hopeful that there was something more that could help their child. They believed there was a way to get them past their learning challenges, headaches, dizziness, fogginess, depression, neck pain, and blurred vision. Plasticity Brain Centers can be that “something more”.

Our team has assisted Olympic athletes that were taken out of the sport that they had dreamed of playing since the age of 5, and were at risk of it all slipping away, after a mid-play collision.

Our specialists have worked with aging parents that have manifested degenerative neurological disorders that cause them to become irritable, tremble uncontrollably, lose their balance, forget family members' names, and become completely apathetic. They were able to give them better control of their body, improve their memory, re-engage with life, and maintain their independence for a while longer.

Our doctors have received letters from parents exclaiming that their child’s teachers are asking what they’ve done for them, because in just one week their classroom participation, engagement, focus, and cooperation had remarkably improved.

The Hope of Plasticity Brain Centers

What each of these families had in common is what our clinicians, innovative therapies, and cutting-edge technologies could do for their loved ones. By applying the science of neuroplasticity, our team of clinical neuroscience specialists was able to unlock their brain’s potential to grow, adapt, and improve.

Through this proprietary process, our team can create new and enhanced neural pathways that promote optimized brain function. For you, this means your loved one may be able to return back to normal or near normal, or may find relief from the painful symptoms of neurological disease. Through newly-developed, advanced therapeutic neurological exercises, we can rebuild a patient’s neurological function and significantly improve his or her quality of life.

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