About Plasticity Brain Centers

Innovative Treatment for Traumatic Brain Injuries

Plasticity Brain Centers offers non-invasive neuro rehabilitation based on a single scientific principle: the brain is capable of learning and changing throughout a patient’s entire life. This is made possible through engagement with targeted neuro-receptors in a concept known as “neuroplasticity,” an approach widely accepted by the scientific community, only available in leading-edge treatment centers.

Our board-certified doctors and neurology specialists, supported by a hand-selected staff of patient care coordinators and therapists, provide you an innovative and comprehensive diagnostic and treatment model delivering exceptional outcomes to exceptional patients, unleashing your brain’s potential now.

If you want to improve your neurological function using a research-based approach, contact Plasticity Brain Centers today at (877)-420-5807.

What is the Advantage of Plasticity Brain Centers?

Our treatments improve neurological performance and function in as little as five days. Our staff of neurological specialists combine industry-standard and leading-edge methodology with cutting-edge technologies to create an effective brain rehabilitation program. Plasticity Brain Centers’ treatment is not solely for rehabilitation—our patients also include athletes and executives desiring increased neurological optimization. Based on your ambition, we can unlock your brain’s potential for significant improvement.

Our patients include individuals of all ages experiencing effects of:

  • Degenerative conditions
  • Concussions/brain injuries
  • Learning and developmental challenges
  • Complex neurological syndromes

While our treatment does not take long, our involvement in each patient’s care takes a long-term approach. Our mission is to provide significant neurological improvement that benefits patients with long-lasting health and brain function. As a result, we employ a collaborative care model, which allows us to work with your managing doctors and other healthcare providers as a single team to serve the patient.

When you come to us, we immediately create a relationship with your managing physicians to establish communication. We become an extension of your primary physician, complementing their current treatment with our innovative rehabilitation program.